Free Fire Characters: New Characters and Their Abilities

Free Fire Characters:- Garena Freefire is probably one of the most popular royal battle games at the moment. This is mainly because the developers not only provide exciting game situations, scans, costumes, weapons, and much more. However, the game is also known for its characters. Freefire characters bring a whole new level of innovation to the gaming experience.

The game offers a long list of characters that you can buy or open. These characters come with some interesting skills and more, which is definitely a ‘buoy’! will be helpful to obtain. However, identifying specific skills for each character is a daunting task. But, you need not worry as we have compiled the complete list of free-fire fighting characters in this article. so let’s get started.

Free Fire Characters: New Characters and Their Abilities. The game offers a long list of characters that you can buy or open.

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What are Free-Fire characters?

Garena Freefire has a huge pool of characters. The developers currently offer around 37 characters in the game, making it one of the best fighting royal games in the industry. Players can win, open and play as various characters in the game. Interestingly, each character has a unique set of skills which makes it even more interesting. Some characters can do you good damage, while others help you find enemies and more.

Free Fire new Characters and their Abilities.

Freefire has introduced many new characters this year. This includes,

  • Maro
  • Xayne
  • Skyler
  • Shirou

let’s take a closer look.


Maro loves animals and feels that humans destroy everything and forget the true meaning of life. This character comes with the unique survival ability of Falcon Fever. It also increases damage to distance and damage to targeted enemies. At higher levels, it can increase damage to target enemies by 25% and distance by 14%.


Xayne is a female character in the games who is very interested in activities. He prefers sports to human interaction. This character comes with Extreme Encounters special abilities. This allows players to temporarily gain 80HP. The bullet also damages walls and coverings, although it lasts up to 10 seconds.


Skyler is the CEO of Vietnam’s largest entertainment company. It has a special ability to survive called riptide rhythm. It basically consists of sound waves that sound like a glow valve. Also, any glue will result in HP restoration.


Shirou is an ape delivery boy and fights were a part of his life when he was a boy. It has a special ability to do damage. When an athlete hits within 80 meters, the attacker is targeted. In addition, targeted enemies have the power to add extra armor to the first shot.

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