How to Get a Free Magic Cube in the Free Fire? Magic cube free fire

As we already know, Garena is a huge fan of Free Fire in India. Now, it has officially released the first edition of the Free Fire Magic cube event. The game will introduce several new game modes, events, cosmetics, and more.

It will be available in exchange for the festive season. Plus, Freefire gets a new Diwali theme video, Heart, Friendship, Diwali. The theme follows four friends Anuj, Mattila, Rago, and Pawan, who work hard at Free Fire.

Meanwhile, Garena has already released the trailer for this Diwali theme video. However, apart from that, the whole celebration is characterized by the Garena Free Fire Giving Event. Take a look at the Free Fire Diwali Event 2021 Calendar given below:

Free Fire Diwali Event 2023 Calendar

  • Lone Wolf Status Open
  • Charge Portal to come home
  • Choose Your Diwali Hampers
  • Rang De Rangoli
  • Bankruptcy Count
  • Claim Free Magic Cube
  • Diwali Party
  • After Party Gifts

How to get Garena Free Fire Magic Cube for free

According to the above schedule, all players will receive a free Magic Cube on Free fire on November 4, 2021. It will probably be available via a popup or vault inside the game. Also, as we know, we can use it to open magic cube bundles from toy stores.

  1. Firstly, they open the special Diwali event interface.
  2. After that, they can press the claim button to get the Magic Cube.

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Why is the Magic Cube important?

Why are they so greedy? Because players who get 100 magic cube shards will be able to transform it into a new special skin, with 22 available (Gamer Top, Dan Eagle, Bond Pack, and so on).

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Can you get 100 magic cubes without letters?

This event can end without giving you time to collect 100 magic cube shards. If this is your situation, don’t worry: This number has options.

On one hand, you can take the Elite Pass. To do this, you will need real money or diamonds. With the Elite Pass, you can get new rewards and when you reach 170 medals, the system will give you 10 Magic Cube pieces. If you manage more than 250 medals, you’ll be able to access special chests with new items, which – if you’re lucky – include Magic Cubes.

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The other option is Diamond Royale, which gives you magic cubes and even cubes. In this case, you will need a ticket and a lot of luck to spin roulette, as it depends on the probability of coding the first or second spin.

Lastly, another possibility to get Magic Cube pieces is the Incubator, although in this scenario you should also get enough tickets to spin the roulette.

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