Top 7 Tricks to get the bundle in Free Fire 2023

How to get the bundle in free fire: Free fire characters not only come with special abilities but also have their own special character bundles or costumes. Although some bundles can be captured using radium codes, most require diamonds or coins to be sent into the game. Buying a diamond means you need to spend good money, which may not always be a viable solution.

Although it is not easy to get character bundles for free, there are simple steps to get free diamonds on Freefire. In this article, we explain some simple tricks on how to get free diamonds and how to buy character bundles for free.

How To Get Free Diamonds To Get Character Bundles In Free Fire

You can get free diamonds in the Garena BR game with the following options.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion Rewards are one of the official ways to win free in-game currencies. Users just have to answer the following survey for which they will be rewarded with Google Play credits or Google Play balances. Google Play credits or Google Play balances can be used to purchase free Firefox using the game’s payment gateway.

Booyah! contest

Booyah! Freefire is a dedicated app for sharing game content created by the developer. The app hosts free firefighting events and competitions where players can compete to win diamonds.

Participate in Giveaway

Many Instagram pages and YouTube channels regularly host giveaways. Anyone can participate in this giveaway and get free diamonds without the need for any hacks or top-ups.

Redeem code

Garena has issued Redeem codes for several regions from time to time. Redeem Codes not only offers loot packs, gun skins, and backpacks, but also free diamonds.

Gold Royale to get bundle in free fire

The Bundle Award in Gold is a great prize. The developers change the bundles regularly, with the existing spa vacation bundle available only for the next four days, after which it will be replaced.

Players get a spin every 24 hours. In such a situation, they have a chance to get the bundle for free. Also, if they are part of the Guild, they will receive 3x Gold Royal Vouchers once a week.

Rank Token Redemption

Players receive rankings in both Clash Squad and Battle Royale status as a ranking prize. Apart from this, this ranking can be achieved by playing Royal matches.

Once users collect enough tokens, many rewards including bundles can be withdrawn. The two bundles currently available are Fatal Glitter and Deadly Gallery.

FF Tokens redemption

Players receive these trophies as prizes by spinning a certain number of Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and Gold. This token is used to claim cosmetic items from the Store > Radium > FF Tokens.

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How to Buy Character Bundles on Freefire.

Once you’ve got enough diamonds, you can follow the steps below to get character bundles in Freefire.

  1. Launch Freefire on your device and go to the Play Store via the ‘Store’ icon on the left side of the lobby screen.
  2. Then click on the Character tab and under the Character option click on the ‘Character Bundles’ image.
  3. A list of character bundles will pop up. You can buy it using Hero and click on the Less option after purchasing the bundle in Freefire.

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