How to get Evo gun in the Free Fire without diamond | unlock Evo gun

How to get Evo gun in the Free Fire: You want an Evo gun in Free Fire so you need some Evo tokens and a perched gun skin and raise your gun as high as you can.

  1. Step1. you need to go on the lucky royale.
  2. Step 2. Go to Evo Gun. Similarly, the name of this gun is COBRA mp40, you have two options to remove these slots. And second, you have to remove these slots and claim your gun.
  3. Step 3 You should have some EVO tokens in store. To max out your gun this type of stone is needed, first, you need to grab some tokens and go to your gun.
  4. Step 4 You have a mark to use on the gun that is on the surface of your gun, first you have to get your gun as far as it needs.

You have a coin that you use to make your gun, this gun only has 4 levels but the ether gun has more than 4 levels, this is what you need to give you the strength and emotional shape. Enjoy your gun to kill the enemies and last.

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Find these Evo gun skins in Free fire

1) MP40 – Cobra Hunter

The MP40 is one of the most widely used fire extinguishers in Guerrilla Free Fire. Accordingly, the Evo soon became a favorite of lovers for weapons. It was first introduced in February this year.

2) SCAR – Megalodon Alpha

SCAR – Magellan Alpha, along with Cupid SCAR and Ultimate Titan SCAR, is one of the best scans available to firefighters. The unique shape of the skin is very attractive.

Guerina linked it to Predator Cobra in January 2020, a month before. This time the skin can be lifted up by the shark’s tooth marks.

3) AK – Blue Film Draco

AK – Blue Flame Draco is probably the best thinner in Freefire. Her high demand proves her worth. The skin was recently introduced a few days back via Fedwell in an Indian server.

Eugene’s skin was first introduced in Freefire and initially appeared in October 2020. To unlock privileges, users must use the dragon scale symbol.

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How to get xm8 Evo gun skins in free fire

Players can follow the steps below to access the event and receive the new XM8 Destiny Guard.

  1. Open the Lucky Royal section and select Matt Wells.
  2. Remove two items from the prize pool.
  3. Use diamonds to make the required number of spins to win prizes.

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