Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire – Only For Beginners

Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire:- Having a high KD ratio in Freefire will make everyone see you as one of the best players, but it is very expensive in games. Here, in this article, we will look at some guidelines to increase the KD ratio in Freefire.

Freefire is one of the most popular games on the mobile gaming platform and offers many unique elements unlike other titles on the platform. The developers bring new events and cosmetics to the game that keep the players happy as well as engaged in the game.

Players are given a unique ID in the game and have statistics that are used to evaluate the player’s overall performance. There are statistics. Played, won, KD ratio, no. Kills, Head Shots, Head Shot Rate, and more. The KD ratio is the ratio that tells you the number of casualties in a game. The player will consider it as an important aspect to determine whether the player is good or bad. Let’s talk about some tips to increase the KD ratio in Free Fire.

How to Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire - Only For Beginners. what is the KD ratio to free fire

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What is the KD Ratio to Free Fire?

The KD ratio means (kills/deaths), which is called the total death ratio. It is calculated as the ratio of total deaths to total deaths. Tell us how players can maintain a high KD ratio in Guernsey Freefire.

Tips to Increase KD Ratio in Freefire

1. Live long / Avoid Death.

The KD ratio is calculated as the ratio of all deaths and total deaths. So for a higher ratio, you have to die a few times and get the best kill in each game. That’s what great players like Grandmasters or Heroes and Rushers would do. They will take 4-5 seeds in a row where there will be a good kill.

In order to increase the KD ratio, you have to survive and continuously increase mortality. Improving the game experience and other tips that will make it much easier to increase your KD ratio.

2. Booyah

Play or Win to increase your KD ratio. It is like the first point that you have to live till the last minute to avoid death. If you take double points in most games and die in all, your KD will neither increase nor increase. Alternatively, if you hit 5 in some competitions and win consistently, your KD ratio will increase. Don’t push too hard or play defensively, play moderate and hit something with the guy.

3. Do not give Preference to hot Drops.

Whether you play by accident or with your teammates, leaving the venue makes a huge impact on the team. Those who want to increase their KD ratio or increase their rank should avoid Hot Drops. Landing in dangerous places like clock towers, factories and chairs will kill you quickly and your KD will decrease if you die. In such a situation, players should avoid hot drops.

4. Play with New Players or New Accounts

The game gets tougher as you level up. Freefire will play with players who are on the same level as you and if you are at a higher level you will face opponents at the respective level. So, if you play with a new player or a new account, most of the players in the lobby will be beginners or may not know how to play. You can make money there.

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