How to Play free fire on PC without any Emulator

Hello, Guys if You Don’t Know about PC Emulator, and You are searching to play free fire on Pc without any Emulator, Then You are at the Right Place.

Computer games are a source of entertainment when it comes to tough battles and high-quality graphics. Action is currently the most popular among players among all types of games.

If you are into PUBG, Fornite, Dota 2, or COD, then you must be well aware of Garena Free Fire as well. With over 500 million downloads in the Google play store, this is the most downloaded smartphone game in the last two years of days.

Garena Freefire can also be downloaded to your computer and played like any other computer game. A PC emulator version of the game is also available. Garena Freefire can be run using any computer emulator such as Bluestacks or Mem Play.

However, fire extinguishers can be operated without the use of an emulator. Let’s see how to play Garena Freefire on a computer without any emulator.

Garena Free Fire Computer Version

The computer version of Garena Freefire has the same features as the mobile version. The game begins with parachute landing and looting. Gradually, the area draws closer, and you end up in a circle with 50 of your enemies. Players must move to a safe area for a limited period of time.

Why Garena Freefire PC is best for gameplay?

High-end graphics are a common reason for playing computer games. Like the graphics in the PUBG Mobile emulator that allows players to use HDR HQ settings, Gerina Free Fire Emulator / PC also comes with high-quality graphics.

In addition, the computer version allows players to move faster with keyboard and mouse, giving a touch of pure computer game.

Can Garena Free fire be run without an emulator? The answer to the question is ‘yes. Free Fire on the computer can be done using Google Chrome as a browser without any emulator and adding an extension. This way:

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Steps to Run Free Fire without Emulator

Open Google Chrome browser, and install ARC Welder extension from Chrome Store. Click on the illuminated ARC Welder.

  1. Click on “Add to Chrome Extension” to start the download.
  2. Use extensions like emulators for Android games.
  3. Now, restart your browser and update your browser.
  4. ARC Welder, Enable Extension List.
  5. Select the drive to save application data.
  6. Download Garena Freefire Edition.
  7. Add a Game With ARC Welder (When Asked).
  8. Click on “Test” to run Garena Freefire.

The Garena Free fire PC experience is generally better than the smartphone experience. Use Garena Free fire Computer Edition to improve your strategy and near-combat skills in the game.

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