Pubg Mobile vs Free Fire: Which game is best in the world

PUBG Mobile vs Free fire is two of the most popular competitors in the battle royale genre in the mobile gaming industry. Both are instrumental in creating an action-packed experience for the players who love to play the BR title.

Naturally, Freefire was one of the games that saw a significant increase in downloads after the infamous ban on PUBG Mobile in India. This has proved to be the first option for many fans, at least until PUBG Mobile returns to the Indian gaming landscape.

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Which Game performs best?

Freefire has proven itself to be the most popular game by the numbers – with over 500 million downloads, indicating the game has a huge following.

While PUBG Mobile also had a lot of downloads, it didn’t come close to the number that FreeCranks has, mostly due to limitations. But which of the two games performs best on all types of mobile devices?

Garena Free Fire graphics

Freefire is a clear winner when it comes to performance on all kinds of devices. Garena’s offering, which offers shorter, 50-player matches, also have simpler graphics than PUBG Mobile.

Freefire has graphics that look closer to cartoons than PUBG Mobile, but it’s also simpler, thus eliminating the overall better performance.

Free Fire also uses very little memory on the phone, and the minimum requirements to run it are Android 4.0 Ice Cream or above and 600 MB of memory on the phone.

PUBG Mobile graphics

On the other hand, the PUBG Mobile graphics are designed using a non-realistic engine, which is known for producing exceptionally high-quality PC games. As such, the graphic is softer, more realistic, and more dynamic.

The game looks very clean and beautiful, so it has a lot of resources. Thus, PUBG Mobile requires a stable and reliable internet connection and a high-quality mobile to ensure that you may experience significant delays or significant delays in FPS.

The minimum requirements for PUBG Mobile are Android 5.1.1 or above and 2 GB memory for smooth running.

So, FreeFire is the clear winner when it comes to performance, mainly because the game can be played on any mobile, even they don’t have impressive features.

But if you are one of those people who have a great smartphone then playing PUBG Mobile will not be a problem for you. That is, once he will return to India.

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5 Points Of Comparison Between PUBG And Freefire


Freefire is the most popular survival game with over 500 million downloads on Apple Store and Google Play, compared to 100 million users who have downloaded PUBG Mobile. Even Google Trends differs greatly in the popularity of the two games.

The Freefire won the competition in this field due to its relatively small game size and the softness of the game even on low-end equipment. On the contrary, people like to share PUBG Mobile with the help of third-party apps. The PUBG Mobile download size is around 2GB on Android and 2.4GB on iOS.

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PUBG Mobile is very important when it comes to graphics. PUBG Mobile uses an imaginative engine, which is very popular among PC gamers and this engine provides very smooth and realistic graphics. The game requires a very stable internet connection to run smoothly, and your device system requires Android 5.1.1 or higher and has at least 2 GB of memory.

Free fire is a dynamic combat shooter game designed to run seamlessly on low-end devices. Apart from simple graphics, Free fire also offers easy-to-use controls.


Freefire has many characters to choose from, and they add up regularly. You can start with two free characters: Eve and Adam, and spend the rest on diamonds, or unlock them with in-game currency. Each character comes with a unique ability and can be leveled up by using it over and over again. For example, Caroline’s passive skill is “silence”, which makes her move faster using a shotgun. These skills are used in the early and later stages of the game.

Battel Royal

In PUBG Mobile, players need to go, get ready and go hunting. The one who survives the classic 100 player battle ends up with a winning chicken meal. PUBG also offers four detailed battlefields that differ in size, area, day/night duration, and dynamic weather. There are four maps: Erangel, Shanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar.

By comparison, Freefire is a very fast game. A lobby of 50 players descends on a small map in search of survival on a remote island, and within 10 minutes of the game, a new survivor emerges.


Freefire and PUBG Mobile both have multiple cars on the map. However, PUBG Mobile has an advantage in this aspect as it takes to the water with boats and has ample storage of vehicles unlike free firefighters who have limited options, and one cannot choose a car or a motorcycle.

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